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Enjoy a fantastic Summer of offers at Walkabout Leicester with some great deals on food and drinks with us

Share The Cold Ones

Celebrate your Summer in style at Walkabout Leicester with a cheeky discount on some of your favourite drinks!

2 Cocktail Jugs for £15:
Kiss Me Down Under | Sydney Sling | Piña Koala

6 Shots for £12:
Jägermeister | Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee | Fireball Cinammon | Jack Daniel's Honey

2 Bombs for £6:
Jäger Bomb | Fire Bomb | Skittle Bomb | Tiki Bomb | Hemp Bomb

Share The Cold Ones

Enjoy 8 refreshing cold pints for you and your mates to enjoy in your very own Beer Tower for as little as £22.50!

Choose from one of the following:
Coors Light
Stella Artois
Strongbow Dark Fruits

Share The Tucker

After some tasty bites at Walkabout Leicester to enjoy the latest sports fixtures?

Grab all your favourite small dishes for yourself or to share with mates.

Tuck into either 3 Small Plates for only £10.99 or 5 Small Plates for £14.99


Share The Tucker

 Tuck into Lunch and a Soft Drink from just £5.99*

Choose your Sanga:
Meatball Sub Melt | BBQ Jackfruit Sub Melt (V) | Cheese, Onion & Tomato Salsa (V) | Fish Fingers | BBQ Chicken & Cheese Melt | Club Sub | Ham & Cheese

Choose your Soft Drink:
Large Glass of Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, Coke Zero or Schweppes Lemonade
Strathmore Still or Sparkling Water 330ml

Why not treat yourself and upgrade to an alcoholic drink for £1 extra?:
Pint of Foster's
Bottle of Corona
25ml Smirnoff, Jack Daniel's, Gordon's, Captain Morgan or Bell's & Mixerˆ

Feeling fancy? Go Premium for only £1.50 extra:
Pint of Heineken, Budweiser or Strongbow Dark Fruit
Bottle of Peroni
25ml Ketel One, Gordon's Pink, Tanqueray or Sailor Jerry & Mixerˆ

Terms & Conditions

T&C's apply: *Prices may incur additional charges if add-ons are selected. All menu items and offers are subject to availability. Food and drink must be purchased at the same time. Management reserves the right to refuse custom and/or withdraw/change offers (without notice), at any time. Only available until 4pm. ˆMixers include Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, Coke Zero or Schweppes Lemonade

We are back and ready to celebrate!

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