Enjoy an Aussie inspired Christmas at Walkabout

2020 has been some year, eh!

We can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner already, but we're SOOO happy it is.

Why? Well it gives us an excuse to listen to festive tunes, watch Elf on repeat, dig out our favourite ugly sweater and eat immense amounts of awesome food!

We are already receiving booking enquiries for Christmas. Don't wait too long to make yours...

Christmas Food

Being the good bunch we are, we've sacked off buffets this year and concentrated on delivering an epic set menu instead. 

We hear ya, you wouldn't normally think Walkabout and set menus would go together, but we promise we aren't trying to be something we're not. 

Forget silver service or a set menu experience your grandparents would be into, we are all about the street food that we have seen on our trips to Sydney and Melbourne...expect to see topped potato skins, gorgeous breaded brie wedges, festive burgers and indulgent cookie crumb profiteroles...

Can you feel that in your stomach? That's your body telling you, ''I want this''.

For those of you getting excited about a Christmas meal in your favourite Aussie pub...it's time to make a booking enquiry. Our happy elves will contact you in no time to ensure you have an awesome experience with us!

Christmas Drinks

Obviously we are more famous for our nights out than anything else, and though this Christmas may be a little different, we can still guarantee an incredible atmosphere and an excellent drink selection perfectly poured by our exceptional bar team!

If you are looking to book a table purely for drinks, whether for a festive football match or a get together with friends or colleagues, we will make sure you have a great time!

Drink Packages

If you are organising a night out and have a budget to work with, why not consider buying a package?

Why? You ask.

Well, buying packages means spending less time at the bar and more time with your group! Organising a Christmas get together at Walkabout has never been so easy!