Watch Live Football at Walkabout

Whether you want to watch the Premier LeagueFA Cup, Scottish Premiership, FA Women's Super League or any other fantastic football fixtures; come on down to your nearest Walkabout bar and make sure you don't miss a second of the sporting action on our giant HD screens.

Book now to take advantage of our great value food and drink offers and enjoy a refreshing cold pint and juicy burgers.

Check out all our Football fixtures below to make sure you don't miss supporting your favourite player or team.

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World Cup 2022 at Walkabout

Are you ready for the World Cup and cheering your country to victory?

Score yourself a table at Walkabout and watch every game live on our massive HD screens with a refreshing pint in hand to cheer your team to victory.

Summer football returns - UEFA Nations League from Wed 1st June

Enjoy the excitement of every UEFA Nations League match live and cheer on your team at your nearest Walkabout bar with your mates and a refreshing cold pint.

Premier League Football at Walkabout

Watch all the latest Premier League football fixtures at your nearest Walkabout bar.

We show every Premier League match so no matter if you support Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal or any other Premier League team; be sure to come on down and support them whilst enjoying a beer with us.

Champions League Football at Walkabout

Every true football fan knows that nothing beats watching a match live, with all the energy and vibes that go along with it so join us at Walkabout and watch all the latest Champions League football fixtures live with us and a nice cold refreshing pint in your hand.

FA Women's Super League Football at Walkabout

You turn on the TV and…”Crikey! Where do I go to watch this game?” You might find yourself asking that question if you’re a football fanatic looking for a place to watch your favorite women's football team. That is exactly what Walkabout is going to help you with by bringing you the latest FA Women’s Super League live in our bars.

Book now, for the next big game.

Scottish Premiership Football at Walkabout

Watch all the live Scottish Premiership games from the comfort of one our comfortable booths at your local Walkabout bar.

We show all the latest football fixtures on multiple screens, all week long so you definitely won't miss a match!

FA Cup Football at Walkabout

Watch all the latest FA Cup fixtures live at your local Walkabout bar. Have a gander through our game schedule and book now for the fixture you want to come and watch with your mates.

Europa League Football at Walkabout

So you’re looking for the best place to watch your favourite team play in the Europa League? Look no further. We have all the fixtures playing live in our bars from the biggest European competition.

So what are you you waiting for? Don't miss out on booking for the next Europa League game with us at Walkabout!

EFL Championship Football at Walkabout

Who wouldn’t you want to watch all the latest EFL Championship football fixtures, streamed live from the comforts of a bar?

Book now for the next English Football League match.

LaLiga Football at Walkabout

Watch every LaLiga football fixture live at Walkabout bars on our huge HD screens and enjoy the best of Spanish football with a refreshing cold pint.

Carabao Cup Football at Walkabout

Watch every Carabao Cup fixture live at Walkabout on our HD screens and enjoy a cold one as you cheer on your favourite team.