Euros Pre-Booked Drinks Packages

Final remaining spaces available for the Final. Don't miss out!

Get ahead of the game this Summer, and beat the queues with our game-changing drinks packages.

Have your winning package ready for your arrival when you pre-book at your favourite sports bar.

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How It Works:

1. Find your local participating venue below
2. Book a table for your chosen fixture
2. Enter your booking details
3. Choose the package that you’d like, pay your deposit and confirm your booking!
You don’t need to pay for your package in full until you arrive for your match. Your deposit amount will be taken from the total bill.
Cut-off date for booking packages is 2 days before your chosen match.

Fan Favourite Packages

Please note: package names vary in our Scottish and Welsh sites.

Big Game Euros Package

Big Game

12 Bottles & 12 Shooters

Cheer on your team in style with the Big Game drinks package! This package includes:

🍺 12 beer bottles (choose from Asahi or Peroni)

🥃 12 shooters for those goal celebrations (choose from Tequila Rose or Fireball)

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Geoff Thirst Euros Package

Geoff Thirst

12 Bottles & 70cl Spirit Bottle with mixers

Quench your thirst with the Geoff Thirst Package! This package includes:

🍺 12 beer bottles (choose from Peroni or Asahi)

🥤 A 70cl spirit bottle (Tanqueray, Smirnoff Red or Captain Morgan's Black Spiced) plus mixers

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Lions Euros Package


24 Bottles, 70cl spirit bottle and mixers and 10 Tequila Rose

Roar with excitement with the Lions Package! This includes:

🍺 24 beer bottles (Peroni or Asahi) to keep the party going all game long.

🥤 70cl spirit bottle (Tanqueray, Smirnoff Red or Captain Morgan's Black Spiced) and mixers.

🥃 10 shots of Tequila Rose

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