We are Walkabout

We are Walkabout; the original Australian brand, home of the party, great food and a relaxed setting to meet new friends. Australia is a wonderful place that influences all that we do. The brand captures the spirit and authenticity of our heritage, reflected in our in-venue experience. We are rightfully proud of our roots and we like to show it, discovering new ways to bring diversity to our food, drink and interiors.

Our history

It's been one hell of a journey, but it's not over yet. We have exciting expansion plans for the year ahead, but why not get up to speed on the brand so far...

Ladies on the beach


David Franks and Peter Mackie wanted to create an iconic Australian themed bar, bringing the best parts of 'Down Under' to the UK.

The early days of Walkabout


They joined forces with Michael Thiele and fellow Kiwi Tony Jackson and formed ‘Walkabout’, under the original name ‘Outback Bar’.

A city skyline


The bar was a huge success and saw rapid growth across London.

Footprints in the sand


The brand literally went Walkabout and moved out of Central London, across the UK. With this move came the new name ‘Walkabout’.

Ladies enjoying cocktails


The brand became a National favourite, focussing on a relaxed and authentic service culture.

An illuminated arrow


Walkabout undertook an evolutionary brand journey, with venues being refurbished to reflect modern Australia.

A modern Walkabout bar


This journey of evolution continues today with Walkabout refurbishing across their estate and opening new sites every year.

Aussie through and through

Walkabout continues to connect with more customers to create memorable times together. Focused on bringing its customers the 'best of Australia', we share experiences, discover new tastes and will continue to expand our events and parties to connect with more customers.

From the barossa to the BBQ burger

We are always seeking new ways to use authentic Australian ingredients in our dishes. With our roots in multi-cultural Australia, it's not surprising that we're broad in our outlook and irreverent in our thinking, which is why we have devoted time to change our menus to reflect this.

The home of sport

The best screens on the high street, all your mates and a booth with a bucket of cold ones - what's not to love! Win or lose, sport is always better shared.

Party party party

Walkabout is the passport to unforgettable nights; where strangers become friends, stress and worries become a thing of the past and you are free to live in the moment, with the laid back cool of the Aussie spirit. Troubles are well and truly left at the door and the hopsitality is true Australian style.